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DE-Cluttering and Organizing

We are Experts in  De-Cluttering and Re-Organizing of Your Home. We Can Provide Supplies For Organizing, Packing, Appliance Removal, Cleaning and Help for your Home That is in Need of Some TLC. Read More More

Extreme Cleaning Services

Ottawa Extreme Clean offers the most comprehensive cleaning and decontamination services. Hoarding cleaning isn't simply throwing out everything, it involves organizing and major cleaning. Our experts can help those suffering with hoarding in Ottawa a real chance at ending this nightmare. Read More More

Hoarding Support Services

The Clean-up part of hoarding is only the beginning. We offer follow up support, as well as help with a referral to counselling services available. For more information please call. Read More More

Water/Flood Damage Repair

Often Time Hoarding Situations Have Had a Flood and This Can Make The Situation Quite Serious As a Plumber or Tradesman Will Not Have Access To The Home. If You Are in This Situation, Call Us Immediately! We Can Deal With This Type of Emergency and Make the Area Safe For Trades To Do Their Jobs. Click Here For More Info More

Mould Removal Services

Mold is an issue in many hoarding situations due to the poor airflow in hoarded properties as well as the high humidity due to decomposition of food and waste. The health implications are serious in a moulded home and need to be addressed along with the hoarding to ensure the safety of the occupants. Click Here For More ... More

Animal Waste Removal

Animal Waste is a common but Very Serious Problem within the issues of Hoarding. If you have animal faeces or urine in the home, discover it in a hoarder's home, it needs to be dealt with ASAP Read More. More

Estate Cleanup Services

Often involved in the Hoarding Clean-up there will need to be an Estate Clean-out in order to sell the home. We are Ottawa's Experts in Organization, Decluttering, and setting up for Staging of the home. Read More More

Cigarette Odour Removal

Tobacco smoke odour is often a part of the hoarding situation along with other odours. We are certified in Smoke Odour removal and are Extremely Successful in Removing Smoke Odours in Homes Read More More